My photography, my art, my soul...
I started taking pictures as a way to communicate with myself. Now it became part of me, and I consider it the best way to share my feelings and perception of life..
All the pictures are taken by me.

Self portrait.  
Street light. 
Luz de calle
Three facades. 
Tres fachadas.  
Puerto Madero.  Buenos Aires. Argentina.
River shore, Colonia del Sacramento. 
Orilla del río,  Colonia del Sacramento
Peace in the river.  I wish I were him. 
Paz en el río.  Ojala fuera él.
Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.
Old patio in Palermo. 
Viejo patio en Palermo
Drawing with Paper 53 on my Ipad.
Dibujando con Paper 53 en mi Ipad
Water tank. 
Tanque de agua. 
Almagro,  Buenos Aires.
Would it be this the key for happiness? 
Será está la llave de la felicidad?
Finding beauty in every single pattern. 
Encontrando belleza en cada simple patrón.

Thanks! Gracias!

3. July 2014

Thanks to the 300 followers that support my work and give me notes on every single post. It means a lot to me! Thanks again.

Gracias a los 300 seguidores que me dan notas en cada publicacion. Significa mucho para mi. Gracias nuevamente.