Archaic, but never more actual...bad mood, moodiness, sulkiness, bad feeling, bad temper, hump, grouch...My photography, my art, my soul...
I started taking pictures as a way to communicate with myself. Now it became part of me, and I consider it the best way to share my feelings and perception of life..
All the pictures are taken by me.

A rainy day from my car. 
Un día lluvioso desde mi auto. 
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Planetarium, Palermo, Buenos Aires. Nightshot.
Planetario, Palermo, Buenos Aires. Vista nocturna.

Reading “Philosophy of Photography” by Vilém Flusser

26. September 2014

Hard to follow but an impressive way to see photography and culture.

Difícil de seguir pero constituye una visión impresionante de la fotografía y la cultura.

No Edit Friday. Selfie.
Turf, Palermo. Buenos Aires
Airport,  Neuquen, Patagonia Argentina.
Glass of water.
Vaso de agua.
This is an old one that I really love. Leaves and water drops.
Una vieja foto que amo. Hojas y gotas de agua.
Patagonia Argentina from the plane.
Patagonia Argentina desde el avión.
Brillo del sol