My photography, my art, my soul...
I started taking pictures as a way to communicate with myself. Now it became part of me, and I consider it the best way to share my feelings and perception of life..
All the pictures are taken by me.


1. August 2014

Thanks to @axollot for her continuous support of my work. It’s really important to get such an attention.

Gracias a Axollott por su continuo apoyo. Es muy importante tener tanta atención.

Coffee time!!! (#no edit friday)
Flowers in Puerto Madero.
Flores en Puerto Madero.
Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires.
The man who is lonely and waits…
El hombre que esta solo y espera…
Flowers, color!
Flores, color!
Dome, Sao Paulo.
Cupula, San Pablo.
A different Sunday selfie. 
Una selfie de domingo diferente.
Flores bajo el sol. 
Flowers under the sunshine.
Cerveza, Beer, Bierre,  Birra,  Cerveja!!
Diffrent flowers in Hotel Lobby. Sao Paulo, Brasil.
Diferentes flores en loby de hotel. San Pablo, Brasil.
More flowers in Sao Paulo.
Mas flores en San Pablo.